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A true neighborhood barbershop staple, the Pinaud brand and its Clubman line of fine men’s toiletries have been the go-to brand for men’s grooming products since their 1810 debut at the House of Ed Pinaud in Paris. With the launch of the Clubman line of products, Pinaud commissioned an artist to create the trademark dapper Frenchman for the labels, which still serves as the unofficial face of the brand today. During the pharmaceutical era of the early 1900’s, Pinaud’s products garnered popularity and acclaim internationally. American International Industries in Los Angeles, California, acquired the brand and its Clubman line over 30 years ago. Today – more than 200 years since its debut – Clubman offers a wide range of popular men’s grooming products that remain true to the brand’s heritage while bringing to market must-haves driven by market trends. The newest additions to the line include a trio of Beard grooming essentials – Beard Balm, 2 in 1 Beard Conditioner, and Beard Oil all infused with their own special blend of oils for style, control and conditioning.  Clubman’s Mustache Wax, formulated with coconut oil and beeswax, is a favorite for shaping and filling in the moustache. Nick Relief stops bleeding from razor nicks quickly and is a must for any man’s dopp kit. Rich emollients and botanical ingredients are combined in Clubman’s Shaving Gel, which softens facial hair and lubricates the skin.

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Established in 1994
, Johnny B. Hair Care is dedicated to providing the best quality products to men who visit barbershops and salons.  The Johnny B. brand has been built strategically, emphasizing styling products and analyzing consumer preferences. Ultimately, though, our success can be attributed to our highly educated staff and Johnny B. educators.  Our educational team consistently crosses international boundaries to assist our salons and distributors.  As a result, our partners fully understand the Johnny B. product line and can provide you the best service, quality, and knowledge.


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The Andis fourth generation is determined to be successful by incorporating the values their forefathers taught them into the everyday operations of the family business, focusing on communication and respect. “The company is a tremendous responsibility; one that affects many families, not just our own,” the Andis’ believe. Strong bonds among the employees perpetuate the family-like environment within the Company, while excellence and integrity drive the performance of all. Ensuring continuity and security of the Company is extremely important, so planning for the 5th generation is underway to ensure yet another successful transition.
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Every barber knows that the right tools make any job easier (and save time and money). That’s why Graham Beauty is at your side with a full line of disposable products to help you create the best look. Our specially designed barber products include Sanek® Neck Strips, wrap strips, protective gloves, hair foil and a full line of disposable towels.
Fantasea towel warmers
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These are beard oils with a bonus: Our natural argan, olive and sunflower oil blend busts the same smooth moves on your hair, adding polish, shine and style to neglected mops. It’s also a fantastic tattoo treatment; ink suddenly comes to life against super-conditioned skin. One super-powered supernatural beard oil to groom, style and define the man? Now that’s called a triple threat.




derby professional bladesDerby professional stainless steel single edge blades fit all straight/barber razors
Suitable for all cut throat/shavette type razors including shaving factory, dovo, focus, parker
The packet includes 100 Derby professional blades
You don’t need to split double edge razor blades any more




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