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BABE LASH   Enhance your eyelashes from inside out, with Babe Eyelash Serum. Obtain naturally longer and fuller lashes, without applying heavy layers of cumbersome cosmetics. This exclusive lash-friendly formula is designed to cultivate beautiful, effortless lashes in as little as four weeks. For best results, pair with Babe Volumizing Mascara.
Babe’s Jet Black Volumizing Mascara is the ideal companion to Babe Eyelash Serum. Sporting a dynamic, thick bristle brush helps boost volume and drama on every lash for an ultra-smooth application and an ophthalmologist-tested, hypoallergenic formula, this mascara proves wholly perfect for crafting stunning finishing touches on your lashes.
Finally, maintain those fleshed-out fluttering lashes with Babe Fiber Extend, a 2-in-1 lash-boosting system that reinforces substance, structure and length to each individual lash via Viscose Flock Fibers. Put these feather-light fibers to work for you daily, and achieve superior volume, definition and convenience with a dual container of both lash extension fibers and black mascara.

bodyographyBodyography Since it’s founding in the early ’90s, Bodyography Professional Cosmetics has become a leading source of products for some of today’s biggest names in makeup artistry.Launching with a line of 24 lipstick shades, Bodyography quickly became a favorite in beauty salons, and a well-kept secret among Hollywood’s top celebrity makeup artists. Today the line has more than 300 products, with new formulas constantly being developed to reflect the very latest in cosmetics research and fashion color palettes.  Our product formulas may be complex, but our philosophy is simple; Bodyography Professional Cosmetics is committed to providing the very best products available, and supporting beginner and expert artists alike through our makeup education and artisan programs.Bodyography is fast becoming a global brand distributed in over 45 countries worldwide.


dermorganicDermOrganic® Anti-Aging Skin Care
Minimal Ingredients. Maximum Benefits. 

A basic and uncomplicated approach to healthful, youthful skin
containing all the nutritive benefits of the argan fruit, but without the pore-clogging oil.

Our regimen is based on the simple idea that less is more. Only the finest, most essential, and fully researched
ingredients go into our formulas. Nothing else. The results are youthful-looking skin every day.


dermastage new

The new (h2t) dermAstage system is a beautifully simple treatment program for use at home. Dermatologist and aesthetician tested products made with premium ingredients have proven to be effective in maximizing the health of the skin in each of three primary lifestages, or “dermAstages.” Whether your skin is in its teen, adult, or anti- aging cycle, the (h2t) dermAstage system offers you a line of essential skincare products designed specifically to enhance skin quality in that stage. This simple, streamlined lifestyle regimen for the skin gives you a professional spa-quality daily experience in your own home.



dermodAdvanced Skin Peels & Serums

Dermodality was developed over a lengthy trial period. The formula creator is one of the leading medical & esthetics trainers in the US. She was the lead trainer for the Obaji Blue Peel for over 6 years. For the same number of years the foundation of these peels were used and practiced in one of 4 FDA labs in the US. The design was to provide several modalities of aggressive peels balanced by protocol to formulation to offer the greatest value of exfoliation with the least amount of down time. The clinical studies were then put to test in an ethnic skin culture for a number of years, thus allowing many of these peels to be perfected for ALL SKIN TYPES.

TCA & Retinol Peels    Vitamin A Serum    Vitamin C Serum    Hyaluronic Acid’s   HQ Lightening Gel

intensiveIntensive Professional Lash and Brow Tinting… Lash and brow tinting is one of the top 5 most popular salon / spa treatments worldwide, as well as one of the most profitable. Intensive™ tinting products use only all natural ingredients and contain no coal tar or other prohibited materials. The patented formulation guarantees the kind of quality, long-lasting results that will keep your customers coming back again and again.


laishaskincare_1334255715_600La Isha  Natural Organic SkinCare …. Because a woman shouldn’t have to sacrifice her health to stay beautiful.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE – NOT JUST NATURAL & ORGANIC: We are delighted to see more and more companies using natural & organic skin care ingredients these days, but we’ve got to ask: How much is natural and organic worth to you if it is ineffective? La Ishá formulations are far more than just natural, organic, and free of synthetics, parabens, phthalates, petroleum derivatives and other potential cancer-causing agents: consistent customer feedback confirms that La Ishá’s high-potency formulations can compete with the best of the mainstream lines for anti-aging results. Couple this with the benefits derived from incorporating natural and organic ingredients that support good health, and you have identified what makes us unique in the marketplace. La Ishá is safe, high-performance natural anti-aging skincare that really works.
MADE FRESH TO ORDER: Our Natural Skin Care is made to order in small batches, guaranteeing the kind of results made possible only by using fresh ingredients of maximum potency. Our formulations are packaged in glass because our essential oils are too potent for most plastic and acrylic containers.
OUR INGREDIENTS HAVE HEALTH SUPPORT BENEFITS that have been documented by the international scientific research community. Check out the live links to the National Institute of Health’s database in the Scientific Studies and Newsworthy tabs of our website for more information.

moorThe benefits of mud therapy are numerous – it can release toxins from the body IT CAN WARM, RELAX AND REJUVENATE THE BODY and it can be effective with certain problems, such as inflammation and swelling. However, not all mud is the same. To provide your clients with the best possible outcomes, you need high quality mud from a source you can trust. That’s where we come in. At Moor Than Mud, we have been selling muds and training and teaching mud therapists in the United States and Puerto Rico for over 14 years now. We’ve even recently opened a new line of NON-TOXIC skin care products for those with sensitive skin and/or allergies or who want no toxicity in their lives. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________

Reese-Robert-logoReese Robert professional lash products transform ordinary eyes with big and bold lashes that demand attention. The collection includes two lines of eyelash products: ready-to-go Strip Lashes and a professional line of semi-permanent Lash Extensions. Whether you’re prepping for a night on the town or a daytime lunch with friends, Reese Robert lashes will enhance your eyes with drama and depth.   The Reese Robert Professional Line offers long-lasting eyelash extensions with semi-permanent application. Using American made medical grade adhesive that is gentle for sensitive eyes, Reese Robert extensions are applied to each individual lash to increase length and volume. Quick and easy maintenance every three to four weeks ensures your lashes will look fresh and full for up to eight weeks. With Reese Robert professional lash extensions you can swim, exercise and wake up every morning with gorgeous camera ready lashes!  Through comprehensive training courses the Reese Robert Professional Line provides licensed and certified professionals with the skills to apply lash extensions.


 With RefectoCil Sensitive you can finally offer the perfect tinting service for clients with sensitive eyes and skin and ensure that they have naturally beautiful, accentuated eyes too – day and night.The completely new 2-Step tinting system allows you to tint eyebrows and eyelashes in 3 minutes only – totally safe with colours based on plant extracts. RefectoCil Sensitive is easy to use and achieves best tinting results, lasts up to 6 weeks and is absolutely smudge- and waterproof. RefectoCil Sensitive Black tints every hair in a rich, pure black – we recommend it for eyelashes and very dark eyebrows.Please use in combination with RefectoCil Sensitive Developer Gel only! Sensitive – no burning, no irritations – validated by tests; First eyebrow and eyelash tint that works based on plant extracts,  with yarrow, horse chestnut extract, marigold, green tea, and safflower.
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