Framesi Framcolor ECLECTIC

Framcolor Eclectic offers a demi-permanent ammonia free, PPD free, and fragrance free color that won’t alter the structure of the hair and ensures and intense and lasting shade. Provides up to 100% gray coverage!

**You must reside in Colorado or Utah to purchase Framesi Products from our store.

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Available to ship to Colorado and Utah only

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0E, 2NE, 3-IN, 3NE, 4-IN, 4CVE, 4HCE, 4NE, 5-IN, 5HCE, 5ME, 5NE, 5SE, 6-IN, 6DE, 6HCE, 6NE, 6RDE, 6RFE, 6SE, 6VE, 7-IN, 7AE, 7DE, 7HCE, 7NE, 7PE, 7RDE, 7RE, 7RFE, 7SE, 8-IN, 8CT, 8DE, 8HCE, 8KT, 8NE, 8PE, 8RDE, 8SE, 9AT, 9CT, 9DE, 9HCE, 9HT, 9NDE, 9PE, 9SE