Hairpearl Lash & Brow Tint Color Assortment

Tinting is Proven One of the Most Popular and Profitable Salon/Spa Treatments Worldwide. Hairpearl’s Professional Products are Perfect for Salons and are Available in a Wide Range of Shades.

For Shining Eyes at any age! Our cream tint is suitable for all eyebrows. Perfectly Defined eye brows and long-lasting dramatic results!

Choose from:
– No 1 Deep Black
No 1.1 Graphite Grey
– No 2 Blue Black
– No 3 Dark Brown
– No 3.1 Medium Brown
– No 4.4 Graphite Brown
– No 5 Natural
– No 5.1 Light Brown
– No 7.4 Auburn

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No 1 Deep Black.  Ideal for clients with dark brown or black hair. For a true natural black! The pure and true hairpearl Deep Black is “richer & deeper” than ever before. hairpearl Deep Black tint enhances eyelashes and make them appear longer and more voluminous.

No 1.1 Graphite Grey.  Our most genuine all-rounder: not only suitable for eyebrows turned grey. Also, it is perfect to ‘cool down’ and to create an ashy shade from all the other hairpearl tints. It is the most popular shade to cover the white or yellow strands in men’s grey eyebrows and beards. Colouring from light silver grey to dark graphite grey – depending on the application time.

No 2 Blue Black. Covers each hair with a dark blue-black colour hue that adds more shine and depth on fine lashes. This makes the eyelashes look longer, more voluminous, and defined. Suitable for clients who wish a little bit more than black.

No 3 Dark Brown. For dark-haired clients looking for a rich and deep shade of brown and for dark-haired clients looking to accentuate their brows. As the name suggests, this hairpearl Dark Brown is completed with notes of dark and coffee brown that come together to create a cool-toned masterpiece.

No 3.1 Medium Brown. The classic shade for all brunettes who want to accentuate their brows! Halfway between light brown and dark brown, our hairpearl No 3.1 Middle Brown is the truest and almost-chocolate shade. When you hear ‘classic brown hair’ our hairpearl No 3.1 Middle Brown is the first shade in your mind’s eye.

No 4.4 Graphite Brown. For all brunettes and also blue-eyed clients! Add a touch of red to brown and omit any gold shimmering and you will be awed by our hairpearl No 4.4 Graphite Brown. This is a beautiful cool brown shade with a subtle touch of dark red.

No 5 Natural.For all brunettes wanting a matt silky and subtle look! hairpearl No 5 Natural is the basic of all brown shades. Equally suitable for pros and newbies this No 5 Natural is suitable for clients with natural brown hair who prefer a subtle but particularly natural appearance. Clients with dyed dark brown hair prefers No 5 Natural to match the brow color with the dyed hair.

No 5.1 Light Brown. For blondes, light brown, or red-headed clients wanting a little extra visibility! hairpearl No 5.1 Light Brown is our lightest shade and perfect for all blondes and light brown-haired clients who want to dip their brows into the brown hair dye pool.

No 7.4 Auburn. For a warm touch of copper-red and for creatives! Our hairpearl No 7.4 Auburn is great for Redheads and light brown brows to create a red shimmer. No 7.4 Auburn is a must-have to create individual and unique client wishes: A smidgeon of our hairpearl No 5.1 Light Brown is enough and the result is an excited deep red. For an ultimate look mix the No 7.4 Auburn with the hairpearl Blue (limited Artist Collection) to get a cool dark violet style! You cannot lighten up dark brown brows but depending on treatment time our No 7.4 Auburn will leave a red shimmer.

Additional information

Lash Color

No 1 Deep Black, No 1.1 Graphite Grey, No 2 Blue Black, No 3 Dark Brown, No 3.1 Med. Brown, No 4.4 Graphite Brown, No 5 Natural, No 5.1 Light Brown, No 7.4 Auburn

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