IT&LY Sun Shades Creative Box

Sunshades creative box contains everything a stylist needs to create the latest hair-lightening techniques. New sunshades clay lightener is specifically designed for freehand balayage work and lightens up to seven levels. The clay texture makes the bleach easy to control and creates beautiful sun-kissed effects. While hydralux oil keeps hair strong and silky during the process.



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The Italian’s favorite and soon to be your kit also includes deluxe balayage boards in three different sizes. The smooth surface means that hair slides from the board easily.

Give your clients the bespoke look they crave.

1 x Pouch of sunshades Clay Bleach

1 x Hydralux oil and syringe

1 x It&ly tint bowl

1x Soft tint brush for delicate application

1x Small bleaching brush for slim lines

1 x Mascara Spooly brush for detail work

1 x Palm-sized detangle brush for quick and dense application.

3 x Balayage boards,

3 x Jointed strong hair clips

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