Oh My Blonde Sunlight Oil 500ml

Extraordinary, ammonia-free lightening oil, enriched with the exclusive

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WHAT IT DOES: it lightens up to 2-3 tones for a natural and balanced result. Use to achieve a variety of effects on hair based on the technique:
1 – Applied on the ends, it gently lightens up to 2-3 levels for a beautiful “SUN-KISSED” effect.
2 – Can be used on the base for a “SWEETEN THE BASE” effect. Provides a balanced and neutral lightening result.
3 – If applied to the whole head, you obtain a shiny blonde and a wonderful natural lightening for a “SHINE & GLOSS” effect.

HOW TO USE: in a non-metal bowl, mix 1 part SUN LIGHT OIL + 2 parts hydrogen peroxide: 10, 20 volumes for all-over applications and 20-30-40 volumes for partial applications. Leave on for 5 to 50 minutes depending on desired result. Do not place under a heat source. Rinse thoroughly, apply BLONDE SEALER. Rinse and wash with the most suitable shampoo. If you plan to Tone please refer to HOW TO USE instructions on last page.