Oh My Blonde Toners 60ml

Ammonia free toner cream for bleached hair.
The latest color technology and care in five new toner shades. Three blond tones to create clean, bright blonds and neutralise yellow (Caramel, Sand and Diamond) and two on-trend shades (Rose gold and Denim)

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Color looks better on shiny hair.

Oh My Blonde Toners are part of The Oh My Blonde Collection of lighteners and toners that contain &-plex a combination of nourishing plant oils ( Avocado oil, Cocoa butter, olive oil, Soy Bean oil, almond oil, cottonseed oil, wheat proteins) that protect and moisturise while the colour processes.

Either use 10vol Aquarely or Oxily 2020 developer or 5vol Oh My Blonde Activator  1:2 mix

WHAT IT DOES: Available in a palette of 5 tones which can be mixed together. Ideal for neutralizing unwanted highlights or creating pastel effects. BLONDE TONER, enriched with the exclusive &-Plex Bond Repair, offers a unique range of completely customizable colors based on the customer’s preference and hair type. 5 easy-to-use toners that provide customizable results.


Mix and Tone for that Perfect Blonde

While you can create beautiful blondes by using single shades Oh My Blonde toners allow you to create high fashion colors by mixing. Using different combinations you can adapt the toners for an even more cooling effect on warm hues or more daring shades. Create delicate peaches, rose golds, pinks and lilacs. Use denim with diamond or sand to make grey and silvers.

Different effects will be created depending on the base color lightness. For example, use Rose gold over a mid blonde for a chocolate rose effect or when used on a level 10-12 will create a more candy pink effect. Mix with caramel and create a more peachy rose gold.

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Caramel, Denim, Diamond, Rose Gold, Sand