Tressa Liteworx Conditioning Oil Lightener

Power Lifting Powder adds a little muscle to the Conditioning Oil Lightener! Triple Lifting Agents provide a power boost that achieves up to 7 levels of lift, while leaving hair in incredible condition.


An essential product for any lightening service. This on and off-scalp, de-dusted powder contains Aloe, so it is gentle to the hair and scalp and protects while it lifts. Use it for every Watercolors DD Intense Color service! Available in a 12oz. tub or 30gm Single Application.
• Formulated for on or off-scalp lightening services. • 3 persulfates that help break down material
melanin, allowing fast lightening.
• 3 buffing agents.
• Aloe and Argan Oil to moisturize while hair is lifting. • Keratin Amino Acids strengthen existing bonds.
• Lavender color mixes to creamy, stay-put
texture, easier to read.
• Chelating agents added to prevent from minerals that
exist in water.