Tressa Pliance Wave

Acid pH 6.7 | Hair Profile

  • Healthy High Lift
  • Highlighted (up to 80%)
  • Fragile Normal
  • Fragile Colored

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Tressa is the ONLY wave manufacturer that has a patented Triple Bonding Neutralizer. What does this mean to you?
It means less time and more revenue! It means you can add a color and/or a highlight service on the same day of a wave service!

Features & Benefits

  • Processes with dryer heat
  • Perfect for fine hair
  • Gentle with very little cuticle lifting or swelling
  • Recommended for Rod to Roller technique


  • Finished wave pattern mimics naturally curly hair
  • Soft definition
  • Hair is maintained in excellent condition
  • Even wave pattern throughout

Additional information


Single, 12 pack