WondHAIRful Hydra Shampoo 250ml, 1L

WondHairFul Revita Shampoo comes in 1000ml and 250ml sizes.

Highly damaged or stressed hair choose WondHairFul Revita Shampoo

  • Deeply nourishes
  • Smoothes and softens
  • Ideal for very damaged and stressed hair

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WondHairFul Hydra Shampoo comes in 1000ml and 250ml sizes. And is part of the SLES free and Vegan WondHairFul range.

Nourish and hydrate delicate shampoo, Ideal for dehydrated and treated hair. The best choice for most clients and everyday use.

Luxury Key Ingredient

Tsubaki oil comes from the pressing of Camellia, an ornamental plant native to Korea and Japan with pink flowers, with well-known moisturizing, nourishing and elasticizing properties. Camellia Japonica oil gives softness and shine to the hair, preserving the hair from split ends. Helps to close the cuticle by detangling the hair. Improves combability and smoothness.

apply to wet hair and massage. Rinse with plenty of water. Repeat if necessary. Proceed with Hydra Mask.

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250ml, 1L