WondHAIRful Volume Conditioner 220ml

WondHairFul Volume Leave in Conditioner 220ml. Is part of the SLES free and Vegan WondHairFul range.

Designed to give life and volume to fine hair without stickiness or weighing the hair down.

  • Volumizes the hair
  • Hydrates without weighing hair down
  • Nourishes lightly

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Key Luxury Ingredients

The Sweet (H)air Complex is a complex of vegetable Betaine and Glycerin that gives body and guarantees prolonged volume to the hair without
weighing it down.

Betaine is a naturally occurring molecule (from the sugar beet). Betaine helps protect the protein structure of the hair in situations of strong osmotic stress
or variations in heat and humidity. It also improves the strength of the hair.

Vegetable glycerin is a clear liquid typically made from oils. Glycerin is a heavy humectant, described as a “magnet” that attracts water and moisture from the surrounding environment and holds it in the hair. It is therefore an excellent moisturizing agent. The strengthening nature of glycerin also helps to strengthen the hair, preventing breakage and the formation of split ends.

Apply to wet hair after washing it with Volume Shampoo, leave in and rinse.

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