Skincare and Cosmetics

Babe Lash is a luxury eye cosmetic brand committed to inviting you to indulge in the health and beauty of your natural eyelashes. Our unique cosmetic eye line will deliver dramatic results, with products that will love your lashes before you do. Thousands of women are genuinely astonished at the beauty of their own eyelashes after only four weeks of faithfully using the Babe Lash products.


Bodyography is a boutique professional makeup line for amateurs and professionals alike. We offer cruelty-free, mineral-based makeup with clean ingredients that are infused with skincare benefits such as fruit and plant-derived vitamins and antioxidants. Along with our top-of-the-line formulations, we also offer Vegan, Paraben-Free, and Gluten-Free products that will fit into any lifestyle. The color payoff and quality of our products are undeniable, but what really makes us shine is the way our makeup feels on the skin—our weightless formulas are incomparable!


DermOrganic® Anti-Aging Skin Care | Minimal Ingredients. Maximum Benefits.

A basic and uncomplicated approach to healthful, youthful skin containing all the nutritive benefits of the argan fruit, but without the pore-clogging oil. Our regimen is based on the simple idea that less is more. Only the finest, most essential, and fully researched ingredients go into our formulas. Nothing else. The results are youthful-looking skin every day.


The new (h2t) dermAstage system is a beautifully simple treatment program for use at home. Dermatologist and aesthetician tested products made with premium ingredients have proven to be effective in maximizing the health of the skin in each of three primary lifestages, or “dermAstages.” Whether your skin is in its teen, adult, or anti- aging cycle, the (h2t) dermAstage system offers you a line of essential skincare products designed specifically to enhance skin quality in that stage. This simple, streamlined lifestyle regimen for the skin gives you a professional spa-quality daily experience in your own home.


Dermodality was developed over a lengthy trial period. The formula creator is one of the leading medical & esthetics trainers in the US. She was the lead trainer for the Obaji Blue Peel for over 6 years. For the same number of years the foundation of these peels were used and practiced in one of 4 FDA labs in the US. The design was to provide several modalities of aggressive peels balanced by protocol to formulation to offer the greatest value of exfoliation with the least amount of down time. The clinical studies were then put to test in an ethnic skin culture for a number of years, thus allowing many of these peels to be perfected for ALL SKIN TYPES.


Lash and brow tinting is one of the top 5 most popular salon / spa treatments worldwide, as well as one of the most profitable. Intensive™ tinting products use only all natural ingredients and contain no coal tar or other prohibited materials. The patented formulation guarantees the kind of quality, long-lasting results that will keep your customers coming back again and again.


Created exclusively by women for women, La Ishá’s plant-based ingredients come from nature and have adaptogenic properties that can keep up with your evolving body chemistry. Because of this, you don't need to worry that your skin will become "accustomed" or "immune" to our products over time. Plus, with La Ishá, results are cumulative. The longer you use us, the better you look.

All La Ishá products are free of synthetic chemicals, fillers, artificial colors, fragrances, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, petroleum derivatives and known cancer-causing agents.
We are also vegan certified, gluten-free and cruelty-free: never ever tested on animals.


Moor Than Mud, has been training, teaching and selling muds in the United States, Puerto Rico and Hawaii for the past 14 years. The journey has been filled with passion, joy and fulfillment hearing stories of healing, pain relief, detoxification and overall general well-being. The amazing results from mud therapies, which are natural healing and detoxifying products, has inspired the company to also add Non-Toxic Skin Care to help those with sensitive skin, allergies and those who want no toxicity in their products or lives. We welcome all who wish to join us in this incredible journey to help others with their desire to live a healthier life!


Reese Robert Professional Eyelash Extensions

The Reese Robert Professional Line offers long-lasting eyelash extensions with semi-permanent application. Using American made medical grade adhesive that is gentle for sensitive eyes, Reese Robert extensions are applied to each individual lash to increase length and volume. Quick and easy maintenance every three to four weeks ensures your lashes will look fresh and full for up to eight weeks. With Reese Robert professional lash extensions you can swim, exercise and wake up every morning with gorgeous camera ready lashes!


A world leading brand Refectocil is today prominently represented in more than 50 countries. Refectocil eyelash and eyebrow tints have been proven and recognized due to millions of successful applications as the leading product for more than 60 years.

The wide assortment covers 10 colours as well as many practical accessories for the user, thereby making the Refectocil product range the perfect system for Professional eyelash and eyebrow tinting.


DUKAL supplies a broad range of best in class medical disposable products and patient care items for all medical markets. Products are produced through strategic marketing partnerships with a focus on excellence. However, it is the company’s unparalleled customer service that enables DUKAL  to stay ahead of the competition.  By offering our customers a variety of ways to streamline costs and improve efficiencies, DUKAL has garnered an impressive list of long term partnerships. DUKAL continues to thrive by fulfilling its founder’s vision, “to build a global company focused on the best practices in manufacturing and logistics.”