Waxing and Massage

Depileve Wax is the easiest way to achieve beautiful skin.

Amber’s mission is to provide products that lead the skincare industry with advanced formulations. Our researchers, chemists and educators focus on progressive concepts, ecological ingredient choices, and unmatched formulations for proven results. We combine historically proven ingredients as well as those that are future-trending into our skincare.

Amber utilizes green chemistry to maintain sustainability in our development of products. We work with organic ingredients and naturally derived ingredients that are trending and future forward for powerful results.


Perron Rigot’s success has been primarily based on its strong affinity with aestheticians and always listening to their suggestions. It is because of them, along with the talents of our researchers, that we have been able to offer the best products and have developed the best waxing techniques. Now both women and men can benefit from hygienic waxing treatments offering impeccable-long lasting results and a service so gentle, painful waxing is a thing of the past. Aestheticians, not only aide them to work faster and more efficiently, but help them attract new clients who were not satisfied by other depilation methods, and keep those clients coming back to them.


Depileve Wax is the easiest way to achieve beautiful skin.  The wax leaves the skin perfectly smooth with no trace of previous hair growth.  The Depileve Wax product line is unique and offers all types of wax and paraffin products. These products are specifically designed for salon use. The available products include a pedicure kit, professional waxing kit, manicure kit, and facial kit.  In fact, body and face applicators, wax warmers, facial cream, muslin strips, and other waxing products are available from the Depileve Wax line. If you want the best waxing products at affordable prices then you will buy the Depileve Wax products.­­­­­­­


GiGi is the #1 selling Professional Hair Removal Wax in the Beauty Industry. GiGi ‘s high quality formulas and the wide range of waxes, wax products, and waxing accessories have given it a positive reputation in the industry. Waxing is the preferred method of superfluous hair removal for many women. By removing hair at the root, from beneath the skin’s surface, waxing allows the skin to be hair-free and smooth for weeks at a time. More estheticians use GiGi wax more than any other product. The GiGi brand also includes Gigi Spa, a complete line of paraffin wax and accessories.


Nufree is the gold standard in hair removal and is carried by thousands of professional salons throughout the world. It was developed over 25 years ago to help plastic surgeons remove hair from a patient before surgery. Here are just a few of the reasons why Nufree is the most effective hair removal treatment in the world.  Nufree is NOT A WAX and never sticks to the skin. Nufree is self-preserving antibacterial/antimicrobial so its safe, clean and germ free. Nufree is completely BOTANICAL and safe for the entire body. Nufree doesn’t dry and can be erased any time! Nufree is scientifically tested and uses no animal products.  Accept no substitutions… there is only one Nufree Nudesse, non-wax hair removal process!


Satin Smooth has provided customized waxes and state-of-the-art appliances to our industry for more than 10 years. Please join us as we introduce three innovative new Satin Smooth Skin Care™ programs and services. SmoothSculpt® is a new method of skincare that helps smooth, contour and tighten skin on all areas of the face and body. The system combines advanced aesthetic technology with a noninvasive, natural approach to skin revitalization. Plastic surgeon recommended.


Being the leader in premium single-use spa and salon supplies doesn’t just mean setting a standard, but maintaining one. In fact, our business evolved out of the need to bring a wider array of products to the exploding salon and spa market, becoming Intrinsics in 1999 .

We began coupling the finest materials—ranging from paper to polyester to latex, just to name a few—with our topnotch cotton to create the highest quality products on the market. That year we introduced more than 50 new products, and we continue to create new ones today. Naturally.


DUKAL supplies a broad range of best in class medical disposable products and patient care items for all medical markets. Products are produced through strategic marketing partnerships with a focus on excellence. However, it is the company’s unparalleled customer service that enables DUKAL  to stay ahead of the competition.  By offering our customers a variety of ways to streamline costs and improve efficiencies, DUKAL has garnered an impressive list of long term partnerships. DUKAL continues to thrive by fulfilling its founder’s vision, “to build a global company focused on the best practices in manufacturing and logistics.”


Graham Beauty is your single source for everything from neck strips, foil, professional towels, and beauty coil to gloves, nail products, end papers, and SpaEssentials® skin care and waxing products.


100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil, Paraben-free, Gluten-free and 100% Vegan

Hempz Beauty is a collection of products such as moisturizers, shower gels, scrubs and hair care which are derived from 100% organic Hemp Seed Oil.  Hemp Seed Oil is rich in Vitamin E, C, B1, B2, B3 and B6, which is ideal for maintaining healthy, younger-looking skin and hair.


Rex-Em Crème helps effectively treat age spots, dry skin and everything in between. Developed through study and trials beginning in 1973, Rex-Eme Cream has been the favorite skin repair cream for users worldwide. No other topical product has shown dramatic turn around of the most stubborn skin conditions. Rashes disappear overnight and itching and irritation ceases, leaving skin anew, soft and clear.

Rex-Eme Cream contains no fragrances, steroids, colorings or harmful preservatives and won’t clog skin pores, making this space age cream hypoallergenic and suitable for virtually all individuals.


Kamill is a well known hand and body care brand from Germany. Kamill products are made with healing natural chamomile blossom extract and other soothing and protective moisturizers. Kamill products are pH friendly, with no artificial colors, and dermatologist tested.


PURE CREATIONAfter several years researching the skin care industry and perfecting the “Hoof-Alive” formulation. Using only wholesome, pure, all-natural ingredients, Katie started manufacturing her products in Denver, Colorado using imported pure New Zealand Lanolin.  Thus, NZP was born.  PURE VISION -  (NZP, represent “New Zealand’s Purest”) New Zealand, a country known for its virtually untainted and natural environment, produces a majority of the world’s sheep and therefore lanolin.  Katie and her family would like to welcome you to try NZP. We think you will find it the most simple, natural and effective way to rejuvenate your feet, nails, lips and skin.


Body High Lotions are professionally formulated to moisturize and condition skin and nails while softening cuticles. Enriched with natural extracts, this emollient rich lotion smooths on easily and absorbs quickly to moisturize rough dry skin.  Body High Massage Oil is enriched with a combination of safflower and grape seed oils to create the ultimate massage experience  Our Massage oil is color and fragrance free while washing off easily with soap and water.  Body High Massage Lotion uses a unique blend of oils and emollients to hydrate your hands and body. This residue free formula allows for friction while still providing excellent glide.


Prossage Heat Soft Tissuse Formula  – the 100% all natural two drop solution that will forever change the way you approach your soft tissue modalities. It is used for pain management, sports injuries, orthopedic and deep tissue therapy. Prossage Heat is formulated with natural botanical ingredients to create a smooth, non-slip, controllable glide.


For over twenty years, Gena® has garnered a reputation as a leading manufacturer of quality, professional hand and body treatments with spa quality results. From pedicure systems that soften and soothe to hand treatments that polish and perfect, Gena® believes that beauty begins with soft, healthy & renewed skin.

Gena offers professional and economical treatments for beautiful hands and feet.


CND Marine Spa Pedicure products feature the sea’s greatest resources, so you can give clients a mini-dip in the marine pool. Sea Salt, mineral clay, and soothing botanical’s go beyond the basics, creating a pedicure experience that feet will be reluctant to walk away from.  We have done the hard work for you, extracting just what you need for dry, dehydrated, or tired feet. Do a deluxe treatment using the entire system, or mix up the elements for a customized pedicure. Mineral baths, sugar scrubs and salt scrubs, foot masques, hydrating lotions and oils come together to treat feet well.